sinaŁi Žuhur®a

We come in Peace.

Welcome to my shrine and fanlisting, dedicated to the television series, "Earth: Final Conflict". It ran for five seasons, (110 episodes), from 1997 to 2002. I missed it when it was first broadcast, but it is currently being repeated in the UK, on the "Horror" channel (a Sky freeview channel). The show was famous for killing off its main characters at an alarming rate. Only one character appeared throughout all of the five seasons. The last season changed again, when another alien race was introduced, replacing the original race. EFC was a mixture of typical science fiction tropes and spirituality, and was always thought-provoking. It was created by Gene Roddenberry, of Star Trek fame, and featured Majel Barrett-Roddenberry in a reoccurring role. Like "Andromeda", another Rodenberry creation, EFC was not developed until after Gene Roddenberry's death.

please note:

There are spoilers on just about every page. So if you are not familiar with EFC and intend to see it, please be warned.

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